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ShareDydd works with people who have fled war and persecution from lots of different countries. If you specifically want to host people on the Government Sponsor Scheme for Ukrainian people, you will need to go through the government website and check that for updates. We would be glad to talk with you about the needs of people seeking sanctuary who are already destitute in Wales. There are many people who would benefit from being hosted and we want everyone seeking asylum to experience a warm Welsh welcome!



We are a small charity operating in Cardiff.
Our mission is to overcome homelessness and destitution among those seeking asylum in  Cardiff.  By working with our partner, Refugees at Home, we recruit local hosts to offer to a room in their home to those in need of accommodation. Together, we can help to provide  the support and empowerment needed to create a pathway out of destitution and into a brighter, more hopeful future.                                                                             

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Anyone who has had to flee their home owing to threats of persecution or human rights violations should have the right to live in a safe place in order to rebuild their lives.

ShareDydd supports people who have become homeless during the process of seeking asylum into temporary hosted accommodation, kindly offered by local people who offer an asylum seeker a place to stay in their home.

Our work empowers these people who are destitute to start rebuilding their lives and move on.

We work to help people restore dignity and stability to their lives.

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