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Thinking of hosting?

Welcoming someone into your home is nerve-racking, that's completely normal. ShareDydd, Housing Justice and Refugees at Home work really hard to make suitable matches and support both host and guest throughout the hosting journey. You and your guest are not obligated to continue the placement if one of you is not comfortable. Hosting should be rewarding and easy. Hosting someone for 3 months can have such a positive impact on their lives. When people experience destitution for long periods, a place of respite is reviving and provides people with an opportunity to focus on establishing pathways into a brighter future. 

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1. Apply to become a host by clicking the button above.

2. A home visitor will come to your home to discuss hosting with you and everyone living at the address. They will you ask questions and give you an opportunity to ask questions. This will help us make a suitable match. 

3. When a person is referred and they are suitable to be hosted by you, you will be contacted and asked if you'd like to host. You can say how long you can host for. 3 months is an ideal period, but we understand if you need to adjust this timeframe.

4. ShareDydd will introduce you to the referred guest in a neutral setting. This gives both you and the guest an opportunity to get to know each other. 

5. ShareDydd will be present when your guest moves in. We will help you both get set up and settled in!

6. Hosting begins. Housing Justice will support you and answer any of your questions. They will be able to support you financially, so you can manage utility bills and other expenses associated with an additional person in your home.

7. ShareDydd will work closely with your guest to help them progress their asylum claim and get involved in various activities, such as education or volunteering.


8. Ideally, after a few months, your guest will submit a fresh claim for asylum and will be able to move into Home Office accommodation.