Who does Sharedydd help?

Asylum Seekers often become destitute when they reach a break in the Asylum process, for instance if they have been refused and have to submit further evidence to the Home Office.

When this happens their ‘National Asylum Seeker Support’ (financial support and accommodation) will cease. Since Asylum Seekers are not allowed to work, they become completely destitute.

With proper legal representation, Asylum Seekers can often go on to resolve these issues. Being hosted allows our clients to focus on their legal cases, rather than on basic survival.


How can you help?

Hosting- If you live in Cardiff or the surrounding areas and have a spare room, consider hosting with Sharedydd (see below for more information).


Volunteering- Sharedydd’s ‘Link Workers’ keep in contact with each client and their hosts to help maintain the hosting relationship. Link Workers also provide practical support and information to clients. Alternatively, we would welcome volunteers to help with admin, fundraising or social media.


Donate or fundraise- if you would like to donate, please visit our local giving page (www.localgiving.org/sharedydd) or email us for more information.


Share- Tell others about the scheme or like, follow and share our posts on facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/sharedydd/).


How do we make the scheme work safely?

We work with Refugees at Home to make sure our scheme is run safely. All hosts will be asked to sign up through Refugees at Home, and hosts then receive a home visit by a Refugees at Home volunteer. Hosts are free to choose the time period they are willing to host for and state preferences regarding guests, for example, female hosts may not be comfortable hosting male guests. Hosts are supported by Sharedydd volunteers throughout the placement.


All of our clients come to us via trusted third parties. We meet and interview every client initially, and then facilitate a meeting between potential hosts and clients in a neutral place before a client moves in.


Hosts and clients can approach their Link Worker if they have questions or concerns.

Link Workers are asked for two references in order to volunteer with Sharedydd. Link Workers also receive training, induction and ongoing support.

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