About Us

ShareDydd is a registered charity that 
helps people seeking asylum to overcome   
destitution and homelessness in Cardiff by
arranging and supporting hosted accommodation. 

  What does ShareDydd do?  

At ShareDydd, we believe that everyone should have a safe place to stay while they explore their legal right to being recognised as a refugee.

ShareDydd helps people seeking asylum who are destitute and/or homeless in and around Cardiff by supporting them when in temporary hosted accommodation. We provide advice and practical support to guests.

In order to achieve this, we work closely with Housing Justice and/or Refugees at Home, who match people with a host who provides a spare room in their home. Housing Justice and Refugees at Home are national, expert charities who are have so much experience in supporting hosts.

ShareDydd focuses on supporting the guest to progress their claim for asylum and help them to navigate the city and its services. 

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  Who do we help?   

Our supporting projects welcome everyone, and we help people from all backgrounds to find a place to stay to help combat homelessness. We do, however, recognize the unique situation that people seeking asylum are in.

People seeking asylum often become destitute when they reach a break in the Asylum process, for instance if they have been refused and have to submit further evidence to the Home Office.

When this happens their National Asylum Seeker Support (financial support and accommodation) will cease. Since people seeking asylum are not allowed to work, they become completely destitute.

With proper legal representation, people seeking asylum can often go on to resolve these issues. Being hosted in accommodation allows them to focus on their legal cases, rather than on basic survival.

  How you can help   


Can you imagine having to flee your home owing to fear of threat to safety and arriving in another country with almost nothing - facing isolation and uncertainty about your future?

Our vision is to see those seeking asylum to rebuild their lives with dignity, security and integrity. People have the right to live in a warm home and live free of poverty so that they can pursue their asylum claim justly. 

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