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ShareDydd is a non-profit organization that
helps people seeking asylum to overcome destitution and homelessness in Cardiff.


ShareDydd hopes to overcome destitution and homelessness among those seeking asylum by supporting individuals into hosted accommodation. We believe that everyone should have a safe place to stay and we value the kindness of those who are willing to welcome a person in need of emergency and temporary accommodation into their home.

We work closely with Refugees at Home to match people that are seeking asylum with a host who provides a spare room in their home.

ShareDydd's spare-rooms network is modelled on the long running Swansea-based project ShareTawe, who run a voluntary hosting scheme. 

Like Refugees at Home and ShareTawe, we make the voluntary hosting scheme work safely by:

  •  Interviewing and taking references on both hosts and guests 

  • Considering placements carefully by matching a guest with an appropriate
    household and considering gender, family structure and overall compatibility

  • Facilitating a meeting between host and guest before placement is agreed

  • Managing the expectations of both hosts and guests

  • Monitoring the placement weekly and offering support to all parties to ensure the placement experience is positive

  • Making sure all parties are safeguarded, informed and confident of their rights


Our supporting projects welcome everyone, and we help people from all backgrounds to find a place to stay to help combat homelessness. We do, however, recognize the unique situation that people seeking asylum are in. Click here to find out more about the asylum process in the UK. We match hosts with people seeking asylum as they face a particular vulnerability to destitution and homelessness. 

Asylum Seekers often become destitute when they reach a break in the Asylum process, for instance if they have been refused and have to submit further evidence to the Home Office.

When this happens their ‘National Asylum Seeker Support’ (financial support and accommodation) will cease. Since Asylum Seekers are not allowed to work, they become completely destitute.

With proper legal representation, Asylum Seekers can often go on to resolve these issues. Being Hosted accommodation allows our clients to focus on their legal cases, rather than on basic survival.



Can you imagine having to flee your home owing to fear of threat to safety and arriving in another country with almost nothing - facing isolation and uncertainty about your future?

Our vision is to see those seeking asylum to rebuild their lives with dignity, security and integrity. People have the right to live in a warm home and live free of poverty so that they can pursue their asylum claim justly. 

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