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Aled's story of hosting

“I’ve been providing a refuge for asylum seekers for around three years... Three people have stayed here. It has been an enormous privilege for me to provide a refuge to people, and I’ve learned a lot about myself by sharing my home with them. I’ve had great support from two agencies – Refugees at Home and ShareDydd.”
- Aled Jones

What is hosting?

Hosts have a willingness to share space in their home with a person seeking asylum and in need of accommodation. Some hosts offer emergency hosting only for short intervals, while others are able to host for long periods. There is no one way to host. We appreciate anyone who is willing to open their doors to a person seeking asylum, for any length of time.

How do I become a host?

We work in partnership with Refugees at Home, a UK-wide organisation that facilitates hosting. Refugees at Home will take an application from you and speak to you about your preferred hosting options. Two references will be taken and a home visitor will discuss your application with you to find the best possible match. Once your application is processed, both ShareDydd and Refugees at Home will support you on your hosting journey. If you would like to make an enquiry or discuss the hosting process in the Cardiff region, please email sharedydd@gmail.com. Or, to apply directly with Refugees at Home, follow with the application button below.

What does being a host involve?

Hosting is a journey that you may shape yourself, as long as basic principles of respect and compassion are followed. ShareDydd supports and follows Refugees at Home's guidance on hosting, which can be found here. 

Guests are also required to show respect and compassion to their host, guest guidance can be found here.

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How does ShareDydd support hosts and their guests?

ShareDydd works to ensure every hosting experience is positive. We manage the expectations between hosts and guests and offer support through our Link Workers. We act as a point of contact and provide financial support to the guest.

ShareDydd works closely with guests to ensure they may access a pathway out of destitution by advocating for their legal progression and helping them to find pathways into a brighter future.

Click on Refugees at Home logo to find more out about the work they do to support hosts